At the heart of every great neighborhood is a thriving community school. For more than 100 years, Grant K-8 School has been that resource, shaping some of San Diego’s most distinguished leaders. 

We are incredibly fortunate to announce that Phase 1 of the project was completed in August 2017.

Mission Hills needs to have a public school K-8 campus reflective of the high quality and established character of our community. The capital improvements included in the master plan will transform our local K-8 physical campus into an architecturally beautiful environment for learning.

In future phases, Grant K-8 school and the adjoining park have all of the potential to be the “community hub” of activity for the residents of Mission Hills. Joint Use park and school opportunities are a critically important element of the envisioned capital improvements. Whether the multi-purpose gymnasium, the joint-use rooms for class and community meetings, or the large playing field that will enhance Pioneer Park to the west, there will be something for everyone to enjoy. 

The overall $35M project plan has been approved, the initial $13M first phase of the project has been completed and now we must work to complete the remaining portions of the project.

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