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2015-16 PTA MEETINGS  

Agendas:                         Meeting Minutes:                                     PTA Financials:

September 22              September Meeting Minutes                           
October 13                     October Meeting Minutes                          October Financial Report
November 10                November Meeting Minutes                      November Financial Report
December 8                   December Meeting  Minutes                    December Financial Report  
January 12                     January Meeting Minutes                         January Financial Report
February 9                       February Meeting Minutes                     February Financial Report         
March 8                           March Meeting Minutes                            March Financial Report 
April 12                            April Meeting Minutes                              April Financial Report
May 10                             May Meeting Minutes                              Proposed PTA Budget
June 14                           June Meeting Minutes                       May Financial Report Proposed Budget


Foundation Website

The Grant School Community Foundation (GSCF) is a standalone nonprofit 501(c) organization focused on community fundraising for the Grant K-8 PTA community.    In addition to driving the PTA's Annual Giving Campaign, the GSCF applies for grants based on school needs and grant requirements.   The funds raised by the GSCF are administered by the board and provided to PTA for the awarded grant or allocated as voted by the PTA. The Federal Tax ID No. is 33-0572329.       



The PTA Board is the governing body of the PTA.  The PTA Board generally meets two weeks prior to the scheduled monthly PTA meetings in the teacher's lounge.  The PTA's Federal Tax ID No. is 95-6204578. The following are the 2017-2018 Board members:


Holly Wright, President,
Annie Bates, Vice President I,
Anne Anthony, Vice President II,
Lance Harris, Treasurer,
Monica Sheppard, Secretary,
Haley Swartz, Parliamentarian

Taline Tokatlian, Historian,

Kathy Lorden , School Principal,

Michelle Wernicke-Lovern, Teacher Representative,


2017-18 Scheduled PTA MEETINGS:   Location School Auditorium, 6:30PM



Agendas:                         Meeting Minutes:                PTA Financials:

​September 12                   September Minutes

October 9                        October Minutes

November 14                    November Minutes                

December 12                    December Minutes

January 9                          January Minutes

February 13

March 13

April 10

May 8

June 12

2014-2015 PTA MEETINGS

September 09, 2014 - 6:30pm - Agenda - Meeting Minutes - Approved Budget - Attachments

October 14, 2014- 6:30pm - Agenda - Meeting Minutes

November 18, 2014- 6:30pm - Agenda - Meeting Minutes

December 9, 2014- 6:30pm - Agenda - Meeting Minutes

​January 13, 2014- Agenda - Meeting Minutes

February 10, 2015- 6:30pm - Agenda - Meeting Minutes - Budget Update

March 10, 2015- 6:30pm - Agenda - Meeting Minutes  Budget Update

April 14, 2015- 6:30pm - Agenda - Meeting Minutes - IB Program/ Programme

May 19, 2015- 6:30pm - Agenda - Meeting Minutes - SGT Agenda 2015-16 Proposed Budget

June 9, 2015- 6:30pm - Agenda - Meeting Minutes - Budget Approval - Budget Profit Loss

September 22, 2015 - Agenda

​PTA Board Meeting History​

​​2016-17 PTA MEETINGS


Agendas:                         Meeting Minutes:                PTA Financials:

September Agenda          September Minutes              September Financials

October Agenda               October Minutes                  October Financials

November Agenda           November Minutes               November Financials
December Agenda           December Minutes               December Financials
January Agenda               January Minutes                  January Financials
February Agenda             February Minutes                 February Financials                        
March Agenda                  March Minutes                     March Financials  
April Agenda                     April Minutes                        April Financials
May Agenda                     May Minutes                         May Financials          
June Agenda                    June Minutes                                    Proposed 2017-18 Budget
                                                                                                  Proposed 2017-18 Budget Presentation

2013-2014 PTA MEETINGS

September 10, 2013 - 6:30pm - Agenda - Meeting MinutesApproved Budget - Attachments

October 8, 2013- 6:30pm - Agenda - Meeting Minutes

November 12, 2013- 6:30pm - Agenda - Meeting Minutes

December 10, 2013- 6:30pm - Agenda - Meeting Minutes

January meeting cancelled due to lack of topics

February 11, 2014- 6:30pm - Agenda - Meeting Minutes

March 11, 2014- 6:30pm - Agenda - Meeting Minutes

April and May PTA meetings moved later in month due to spring break and Grant Gala

April 15, 2014- 6:30pm - Agenda - Meeting Minutes

May 20, 2014- 6:30pm - Agenda - Meeting Minutes

June 10, 2014- 6:30pm - No June Meeting held