Online Instructional Tools

In previous years, the PTA provided funds for First In Math and other supplemental online math program.   Through weekly individual and team competition, this program supports math skills across the curriculum and grade levels.   The first-in-math trophy is awarded to the classroom excelling in first-in-math performance.   This year, the PTA has expanded support of additional online tools.   Teachers use these programs  as an extension of their daily curriculum


Art and Music Programs

The PTA provides funds for Art and Music programs at Grant K-8.    Painting and Drawing instruction is provided to TK-5 grades.   In the past years the PTA supplemented district funds to keep the Music program at Grant active when district budgets were cut.    In addition, the PTA has supported the band program with instrument racks and other supplies.    The PTA sponsors and runs the annual Great Grant Talent Show at the end of each school year.    


Middle School Programs

In 2005, Grant School expanded to include grades 6th, 7th, and 8th.   Now in its 12th year, the middle school has proven to be an extremely high-performing school with creative and thoughtful students.    rant K-8 is considered the most successful K-8 in the district.   In addition to the Science Olympiad highlighted above, the PTA has provided support for the following Middle School programs:

Digital Media Lab - Digital Media Design offers students the chance to explore the world of movie making. From concept development and creating a storyboard to film tips and editing ideas, students in this dynamic class learn all aspects of the craft. Budding film maker create original short films as well as public service materials promoting school spirit and supporting the school election process. 

​Model United Nations
- This program is an international program for students grades 6 through the university level.  Students at Grant participate in the San Diego Regional Junior Model United Nations Conference each May.  This event is held for two days at the University of San Diego.  This particular conference is the longest running one of its kind west of the Mississippi.  Students from area middle and high schools spend two days discussing issues that relate to foreign policy, economics, history and diplomacy. Topics range from dealing with terrorism, peacekeeping, nation building, human rights, world health, the environment and global disarmament. For 2016, Grant School Delegates were awarded the Best Delegation Award, the highest honor, at session XXXIX of the San Diego Regional Junior Model United Nations Conference!!!!


Teacher Support Programs

Teachers are provided stipends each year to help with administrative and educational supplies.   In addition, teachers are able to make special fund requests for software, educational material, or training.    The PTA funds assemblies that provide enrichment to the students at Grant.   


Every year the PTA raises thousands of dollars to support many important programs that significantly contribute to the success of our school.   From 2012, more than $300,000 was raised to fund the following programs: Lab science, garden science, math technology, art enhancement, digital media education, Junior Model United Nations participation, continuing education for our amazing teachers, and much more.



Grant has a long history as a Math-Science magnet school.   Parents continue to support science by providing funds for lab resources, family science night activities, and participation in the Science Olympiad.  Resources in the science labs support the science program at Grant K-8 by creating engaging and hands-on science programs for students in kindergarten through 8th grade, with the goal for attainment of enthusiasm for the scientific process.  The Science Olympiad is a nationally organized science competition spanning multiple disciplines in science and engineering. The program for primary grades often runs as a science field day. The Middle School program convenes annually for a one-day  competition with 23 events covering biology, chemistry, earth science, astronomy, physics and technology. Grant K-8 currently participates in Division B of the San Diego Regional Science Olympiad. Students learn laboratory techniques, design and build devices that satisfy specified criteria, or study current topics of global interest while gaining knowledge and applying science process and problem solving skills. The Science Olympiad national committee maintains that "All events require teamwork, group planning and cooperation. The emphasis is on learning, participation, interaction, having fun and developing team spirit." 


Gecko Garden

The Gecko Garden Life Sciences & Health program allows all students to explore horticulture and is an extension of the Full Option Science System (FOSS) life sciences curriculums. With the help of the science lab resources, students participate in a school-wide project that connects them with their environment and promotes good nutrition. The Gecko Garden, with support from several local sources, including the Mission Hills Garden Club, also serves to promote the school as an integral component within the community and supplies produce to local businesses for special school fundraising events. To keep the garden growing, parents and community members meet one Saturday a month and tend to the garden maintenance. Read more about the Gecko Garden here. 


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