Grant K-8 Fundraising Principles and Fund Management Practices Grant School is committed to maintaining the confidence of parents, staff, and community donors.  The following principles and practices are intended to ensure good financial management.  

  1. Donating to Grant K-8 School for any purpose is voluntary.
  2. All fundraising at the school will abide by these principles.
  3. Funds raised will be managed by more than one person.   Typically a committee will be formed to provide oversight and ensure proper accounting.
  4. Raised funds will be used for the intended purpose.  To avoid complexity, earmarking donations for a specific program will be used sparingly.   
  5. Raised funds will not be mixed with personal funds.   Funds will be deposited into a school organization account (district account, PTA/Foundation bank account) either directly or as soon as practical after received. 
  6. Cash will be collected in the presence of more than one person.   At the conclusion of the fundraising event, cash will be counted by more than one person and recorded.    Cash will be deposited into a school account as soon as practical – usually within 48 hours.
  7. Funds deposited into SDUSD account will abide by the District money handling rules.


Cash Count Sheet